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"Neck Pain, Back Pain, Foot Pain
Got You Down?  Learn How
New Discovery Can Help . . .     

                 . . . or Even Prevent!"

"Find Out Now:

 A Major Cause of Neck, Back, Foot Pain
 What Engineers Know, but Doctors Don't
 How To Use Neck, Back, Foot Correctly"

Revolutionary book teaches how to use your voluntary muscles the natural way to relieve pain and other unwanted physical problems..

The book, "Muscle N’ Bone," teaches a permanent fix for many physical problems such as back pain, foot pain and neck pain which stem from improper use of muscles, bones and ligaments.

Advantages of "Muscle N' Bone"

Disadvantages of "Muscle N' Bone"

  •  Less sympathy for your troubles
  •  Takes time and energy to learn something new
  •  Lose Disability Benefits
  •  No drug high ;-)
  •  No vacation while healing from surgery
  •  Have to work harder using muscles correctly
  •  Not recognized by doctors
  •  Have to do it yourself
  •  It will only help pains caused by improper use of the muscles. For more information see the Free Chapters.

"Muscle N' Bone" Won't Work If:

  • You do not understand the theory.
  • Someone convinces you it does not work.
  • You do not practice and develop an ability in using your muscles correctly.
  • There is unrepairable structural damage such as broken bones or cut ligaments.
  • There is difficulty controlling muscles.
  • Nervous system is damaged.
  • Someone with whom you are connected benefits from your disability.
  • It will not help if pains are from other sources such as athlete's foot, cancer, injuries, trauma, or disease.

Just ask any doctor be he or she medical, chiropractic or osteopathic, if the spine should be straight or curved to absorb shocks. Most likely you will be told that the spine should be curved.

Is this correct? What would an engineer say? The correct statement would be: "The spine should be held nearly straight so it can go into a curve to absorb shocks." Those shocks may be from jumping, walking, running, etc.

When the spine is not held nearly straight the back could hurt as a warning that there is something wrong. That pain could be terrible and even result in serious damage, such as a ruptured disc, which could require surgery. Many people, some very famous such as Rush Limbaugh or John F. Kennedy, have sufferred from back pain.

According to research by SpineNet-dot-com, back pain is the second leading cause of absenteeism from work after the common cold (AAOS); also, back pain is the second most common medical complaint (The New England Medical Journal). It goes on to say: back injuries cause 100 million lost days of work annually (Safety & Health publication, 1992) and the total cost of back injury disabilities is between $30 billion and $60 billion annually (National Safety Council).

Could it be that we are not using our backs correctly? To learn more about this new discovery go to the Back Pain page.

This is just some of what Dennis Denlinger discovered when he studied the human body from an engineering viewpoint. He found that there are five built-in springs in the human body. These springs are in the neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders and feet. When the lower back spring is used correctly the belly muscles are tight automatically. When the foot spring is used correctly the feet cannot be flat.

He also discovered that there are guy-wire type muscles designed to keep the spine straight side-to-side. These work like the guy-wires which keep a tall television or radio transmission tower straight. He also discovered that there are muscles which are designed to keep bones, such as vertebra bones in the spine, tight in their joints. He discovered much more. Get and read the book "Muscle N' Bone" now to learn more.

How did it happen that Denlinger, who has no medical training, make these discoveries? First of all, his body was in pain. Medical and chiropractic doctors were not able to help. Also, Denlinger had studied structural engineering as part of earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree from prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University.

He applied his knowledge of engineering as well as ability to research learned in college to his problem with excellent results. He has written his theory up in a book, "Muscle N' Bone," which you can order and read right now.

To learn more about Denlinger and how the theory was developed go to the "About" page.

Many people suffer foot pain with medical sixty-four dollar words such as "plantar fasciitis" or "achilles tendonitis." To learn more about these go to the Foot Pain page or the web site devoted to Denlinger's book about the feet "A New Foot Health Solution." There is also a Free Report available: "How New Discovery Explains and Helps 7 Foot and Leg Problems" by Download or by calling 800-431-1579 (Shipping and Handling charges apply).

Read what Ray Leggett has to say:

For the first time in my life I know how to walk and have techniques to use to regain my posture and relieve the pain in my back and feet.

Much thanks goes to Dennis Denlinger for this gift.

This would be beneficial for everyone to know this valuable data. This data needs to be promoted to everyone!

Very special thanks. -R.L.
You are welcome to take your time to thoroughly read this site to learn about Denlinger's new discovery and how it can apply to you. Tell your friends about it. Get one of Denlinger's books and read more.

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"After reading the book and practised the theories and doing the exercises for three weeks I feel a lot better."

-Lena Olofsson, Sweden


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